Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

On December 5,2021. Leaders Esteem Christian Bible University will hold its 2nd graduation class ceremony. We are so excited to not only have a graduation ceremony, but to have an awards ceremony which will celebrate some of Houston’s finest in their community service efforts.

Founded in 2020, Leaders Esteem Christian Bible University is changing the world one leader at a time. Classes range from:

Associates Degree

Bachelor Degree

Master Degree


as well as many other certificates…

Additional Degree Titles

Associates Degrees:
Associate in Biblical Studies
Associate in Christian Counseling
Associate in Christian Education
Associate in Christian Ministry
Associate in Church Administration
Associate in Ministry
Associate in Pastoral Ministry
Associate in Practical Ministry
Associate of Theological Studies
Graduate Degrees:
Graduate of Divinity
Graduate of Ministry
Graduate of Theology
Bachelors Degrees:
Bachelor of Church Administration
Bachelor of Christian Counseling
Bachelor of Christian Education
Bachelor of Christian Ministry
Bachelor of Divinity
Bachelor of Ministry
Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry
Bachelor of Pastoral Counseling
Bachelor of Pastoral Theology
Bachelor of Practical Ministry
Bachelor of Religious Education
Bachelor of Theology
Masters Degrees:
Master of Church Administration
Master of Christian Counseling
Master of Christian Education
Master of Christian Ministry
Master of Divinity
Master of Pastoral Counseling
Master of Practical Ministry
Master of Pastoral Ministry
Master of Pastoral Theology
Master of Religious Education
Master of Theological Studies
Master of Theology
Doctoral Degrees:

Doctor of Christian Counseling
Doctor of Christian Education
Doctor of Divinity
Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Missiology
Doctor of Pastoral Education
Doctor of Religious Education
Doctor of Theology
Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Education
Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies
Doctor of Philosophy in Theological Studies

Board Certified Christian Counselor

Basic Requirements:

  • An earned master’s or doctorate degree in counseling or a related mental health field from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university OR those with an earned bachelor’s degree meeting the same criteria above may qualify IF they also hold a valid and current mental health license or certification to practice at the state level.
  • Identify and practice as a Christian caregiver – non-licensed, pre-licensed, or restricted-licensed individuals who have a registration, certification, or state sanction of some kind in allied professional, counseling, and/or teaching roles and who incorporate biblical principles and counseling skills with clinical theory, knowledge, and practice.
  • A minimum of 60 contact hours of education/training in counseling and/or caregiving related to the incorporation of biblical principles and counseling skills with clinical theory, knowledge, and practice.
  • Maintain at least 20 Continuing Education contact hours every two years related to the incorporation of biblical principles and counseling skills with clinical theory, knowledge and practice.

Additional Supportive Documentation Required:

  • Copy of earned degree(s).
  • Copy of any and all registration letters as a Resident or Intern, restricted-use licenses, appropriate certifications, and/or credentials.
  • Copy of current professional liability insurance certificate showing both expiration date and coverage (if needed).
  • Documentation demonstrating that education/training incorporated biblical principles and counseling skills with clinical theory, knowledge, and practice.

To become a member please send us an email to:

We will send you an application form to complete. Once you complete the application form please send it back to our corporate office along with the yearly membership fee of: $100.00

Once your application has been completed we will ask that you place our logo on your website. You will also receive a license number that will expire each year, which means that you must renew your license each year and be in good standing with our board.

Board Members

Dr. Verna Caddie

Dr. Verna Caddie is the founder and president of “Leaders Esteem Christian Bible University, which is an online bible university that is dedicated to training ministers in biblical studies.

Dr. Caddie holds a Bachelors in Christian Education, an Honorary Doctorate in Christian Education, a Masters in Christian Education.

Dr. Caddie is also a Certified Christian Counselor and Professional Christian Life Coach.

Resource Center

Counseling Related Resources


Thank you for your interest in enrolling! We offer payment plans to every student that wants to enroll at our university.

Registration fee: $100

Application Fee: $50.00

Payment are due the first of every month.

Currently we do not offer financial aid.